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Is it time to replace your new roof for your San Diego home? As time passes the weather elements can take a huge toll making a roof replacement a requirement. We at San Diego’s Best Roofing know it is a big project, but we make sure to make it easy and affordable.
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Contact us today for a free inspection and estimate on a roof replacement for your San Diego home. We will assist you and make sure you select the right roofing materials that is within your budget so you can be worry free for years to come.

Free In-Home Inspection

Our professional team member will come to your home and

  • Discuss your roofing needs and what style you prefer
  • Go over different roofing and their benefits such as asphalt, tile low slope systems
  • Provide you with sample of roofing materials that are available for you
  • Provide you with an honest estimate that best fits your budget and your style of home

Before your free in-home inspection think about any roof damage that you might have, styles and colors and the conditions of your gutters.

Roofing Installation Process

  • Here is what you can expect from San Diego’s Best Roofing
  • Our team of professionals will do a pre-installation inspection
  • Remove roofing materials that are already existing
  • All of our installers are licensed professionals
  • We provide leading installation standards
  • Debris removal and clean up
  • Have a final inspection
  • When you have a new roof installed properly you will increase your home’s resale value and prevent expensive repairs down the road.

    Roof Risks

    Water leaking or inconsistencies in temperature your residence could mean your roofing system isn’t performing properly. Watch for these signs you may perhaps need a roof replacement for your San Diego home:

    • Leaking roof in the attic or top floors
    • Water stains that are visible on ceilings
    • Blistering or cracking paint visible on walls or ceilings
    • Too much shingle particles in gutters or lawns
    • Roofing shingles buckling, curling or blistering

    Given that your roof is always exposed to the elements, it’s likely to age. Here are various common sources of wear and the effects:

    • The sun’s temperature and ultra-violet rays exposure age the roofing materials, specifically on the south and west surfaces.
    • Rainwater underneath roof shingles will cause to rotten and threatens structural strength.
    • Excessive gusts of wind lift roofing shingles and drive water and dust below.
    • Tree twigs destroy shingles. Leaves on the roof and in rain gutters store moisture and lead to rot and poor drainage.
    • Lacking or damaged roofing shingles enable remaining shingles to rip or blow off.

    Attic Air-flow Expands Roof Life

    An estimated 9 out of ten residences don’t have properly well balanced attic air flow systems. As a result, the standard roof lasts 10 to Twelve years, even despite the fact that most roofing shingles last Twenty five years or even more. Without having good air-flow, the majority of manufacturers’ shingle warranties are void.
    A well-balanced attic room ventilation system helps to protect your roof cost. It allows cool, fresh air to enter in through soffit or eave vents and allows warm, stale air release through a ridge vent. The reduced temperature difference between the outdoors air and the attic area benefits your residence in important ways:

    • Allows your roof to breathe in hotter months, lowering attic room temps and cooling the roof deck.
    • Maintains attic wetness lower in cooler months to minimize moisture build-up or condensation and mildew and mold growth.
    • Minimizes condensation, which can reduce and compact insulation and cause your heating system system to work harder.
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        What Roof Is Ideal for You?

        Currently there are many factors to consider in deciding on a roof, including type, color, toughness, warranties and installment. Here are some facts to guide you decide.

        • Architectural roofing shingles create a multidimensional effect. They feature laminated construction for extended life.
        • Traditional, three-tab flat asphalt shingles provide more value and efficiency compared to industry-standard shingles. They’re color blended for a natural look.
        • Special adhesives tightly close off every shingle to reduce the possibility of blowing off.
        • Roof shingles are available in shades from natural wood colors to extreme slate blue, green and red. If you have a homeowners’ association, look at the architectural regulations.
        • Most roofs come in asphalt shingles. Other choices for materials are metal and title for the steep slope roofs or single-ply for flat roofs.
        • Shingle warranties can cover from 25 years to a life-time.
        • Roof replacement must include elimination of materials from previous roof, a structural honest inspection, a rubberized leak barrier, deck padding, drip edges and metal flashings.

        Roof Replacement Process

        • A modern size home the roofing job may take 2 – 4 days.
        • All of the current shingles are removed and deposit with a roll-off.
        • Depending on the condition of the roof minors repairs will be made, if the roof wood is bad then the wood will be replacement with plywood or 1″x6″ wood boards, depending what works best for your roof.
        • Place down asphalt paper.
        • Incorporate the new shingles, starting of from the bottom working the way up.
        • Use flashing in every area that might happen to the house, such as the vents, chimney, etc
        • Put on the vent.

        Areas We Service:
        San Diego | La Jolla | Escondido | Chula Vista | National City | Encinitas | San Marcos | Del Mar | Carlsbad | Poway | Oceanside | Mira Mesa | Rancho Santa Fe | Vista | La Mesa | Tierra Santa | National City

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